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    Massive 'Ring of Life' Structure Being Built in China

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    Ring of Life' structure is being built in China.

    Some landmarks are massive and intimidating, while others are understated and beautiful.

    'Ring of Life' a new architectural landmark in China manages to combine all of those features.

    It is placed in a new downtown area of a community that is under development between Shenyang and Fushun.

    The project was primarily designed by the group Rhetroactive. The designers state “the ‘Ring of Life’ rises 150-meters from its landscape grounds and it intends to become the defining icon for the city and Northern China. The Ring should welcome its first visitors by the end of 2012.”

    The circular structure resides near Discovery Lake among the area’s new civic buildings, museums and retail shops. The St. Louis Gateway Arch served as a design reference and inspiration.

    The ring is comprised of 3,000 tons of steel. During the night, it will light up, utilizing roughly 12,000 LED lights.

    The iconic circle will serve as an observation deck and most certainly a tourist destination.

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