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    Augmented Reality Windshields for Cars in Near Future

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Carmakers are working on creating windshields utilizing augmented reality technology.

    Deploying new technology in automobiles requires significant innovation, considering the safety aspects of the driver's interaction with the vehicle.

    Several automakers are trying to go beyond touch screen dashboards and Bluetooth.

    One of the focus areas is establishing a special windshield that utilizes augmented reality.

    The windshields will be capable of displaying new text messages and showing upcoming road hazards or driving directions.

    An expert from General Motors states “Everyone’s working on this. The goal is to reduce head-down time and maybe make driving a more interactive experience. At the root of this is the desire to make vehicles safer.”

    Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz appeared at the International Consumer Electronics Show to show off this new augmented-reality technology. Visitors were able to climb into a cockpit-like area and maneuver through the virtual streets of San Francisco using the interactive windshield to guide them.

    Icons appear on the windshield screen and the intuitive screen gives you access to a wide array of information.

    How do you like the idea of windshield display in your car?