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    New Zealand Offers One-Way Ticket for Unemployed

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    New Zealand offers a one way ticket for unemployed.

    New Zealand is handling their problems with unemployment by buying one way tickets to Australia for people on social welfare.

    If they could prove they had a job lined up in Australia, then the government would grant them money for a plane ticket.

    The transition to work grant was introduced to provide money to people for things like new clothes for a job interview, and the government now says that sending people to Australia to get them off of social welfare is an inappropriate use of the system.

    An average of one thousand New Zealanders move to Australia every week.

    This isn’t the first time people have been shipped off to Australia rather than be on social welfare in their own country.

    Children from the UK were deported to Australia during the 1940s through 1967.

    BBC reported that up to 10 thousand children were shipped to Australia between 1947 and 1967.

    The policy of sending orphaned or unwanted children to Australia was supported by the British government because it cost 5 pounds a day to care for them in the UK, and 10 shillings a day to send them to institutions in Australia, which sometimes included being subjected to child labor and abuse.