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    Brussels Christmas Structure Center of Controversy

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An abstract Christmas tree in Brussels is causing some controversy.

    Each year in December, cities around the world are adorned with beautiful displays of trees and lights.

    This year, Brussels, Belgium was no exception.

    However, the display has also stirred some controversy. City officials opted for an abstract light installation rather than the traditional Christmas tree.

    The triangular shaped structure, called ‘X-mas 3’ houses green cubes, giving it that Christmas tree appearance and casts a green light at night. However, not all resident are happy. Roughly 11,000 signatures have been gathered online in a petition that claims the radical tree was put up in place of the usual traditional Christmas tree as a measure to avoid offending non-Christians.

    Nevertheless, officials claim that the structure will stay for the season and there is a nativity scene on display for those looking for old-fashioned Christmas scenes.

    Towns in other regions have also witnessed controversies surrounding Christmas celebrations with several even limiting nativity scenes to private properties.

    What do you think? Should local city governments stick to traditional celebrations or adopt a different approach?