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    Prisoner Gets Stuck in Wall While Escaping

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A prisoner tries to escape but gets stuck in a wall.

    A prison escape requires intricate, long-term planning. But few are successful. An inmate in a Brazilian prison was caught while trying to escape with half of his body still inside the prison walls. The large man got stuck in a hole made in the wall of the prison with a metal shower pipe. One inmate fit through the hole before him and got away.

    Authorities have yet to apprehend the man who escaped. The prisoner who got stuck in the hole started screaming, which notified the prison guards to the escape attempt. Firefighters broke part of the wall down to get him out and the prisoner is being treated for a fractured rib.

    In another botched escape attempt, two Brazilian prisoners tried to hide in plastic garbage bags that were to be taken out after lunch. Prison guards noticed the two men moving inside of the bags that were also full of used plates and leftover food.

    Both of the men were imprisoned for stealing cars, and their prison sentence time will likely be added onto for the garbage bag escape attempt