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    Mother Found Guilty of Killing Son Over Not Memorizing Koran

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    A mother is found guilty of killing her child when he failed to memorize the Koran.

    In a heartbreaking report, a 33-year-old mother in Cardiff, UK reportedly beat her 7-year-old child to death and then burned his body in July of 2010.

    The child was apparently having trouble memorizing passages from the Koran, which was the main reason behind his tragic death. The mother pleaded not guilty, but she initially confessed to burning his body and beating him.

    She later retracted her statement, alleging that she only confessed to the crime in fear that her husband would harm her and that he was the one responsible for her son’s death. More than two years after the murder, a jury recently found the mother guilty of murder and perverting the course of justice , while her husband walked feely out of the courtroom. She faces life in prison.

    Earlier this year, a man was found guilty of second degree murder. He reportedly beat his 10-year-old stepson with a rolling pin after tying the child’s hands with an electrical cord.

    Law enforcement officials called the case the worst they had ever witnessed. Apparently the brutal beating occurred over an argument about homework.