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    Sid The Science Kid -The Ruler Of Thumb Pt.2

    Matthew Maisonet

    by Matthew Maisonet

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    Sid is a boy who loves his family, his preschool, and, of course, science. Each episode follows the same pattern: a science question is raised with Sid's family at breakfast, which he then asks his friends about before they go inside to school ("The Sid Survey" with answers arranged in a chart). Teacher Susie helps the kids discover the answer in "the super fab lab" (which cuts away to live-action kids and teachers doing the same experiment), followed by "Singing with Susie." Following jokes on the playground in "Good Laughter-noon," Sid rides home with Grandma (recapping what he's learned in school), and at the end of the day, Sid imagines a "Super-Duper-Ooper-Schmooper Big Idea" invention. The four episodes on this disc are "The Sticker Chart" (the importance of organizing data), "The Rolie Polie," (using magnifying glasses), "Enough with the Seashells"(how to use an estimation jar), and "The Whale Episode," (using non-standard measurement). This DVD includes a separate disc of "Singing with Susie" songs.