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    Vector Runners - 60,210 1st Life Lost, 71,291 Final Score


    by Tasselfoot

    This is a video of me, Tasselfoot, playing Vector Runners, trying to get the Tunnel Vision badge on Kongregate. I already have it... was just trying to get a run of it on video. Unfortunately, I hit an EMP at 29,959 while picking up a purple gem immediately after. And, of course, it didn't give me the Tunnel Vision achievement.

    Regardless, it's good enough for this purpose. I go on to hit 2 more EMPs (since I wasn't really trying to avoid them anymore)... but I don't actually get hit where I lose a life until 60,210, which is into the 2nd circuit of the track. Final score is 71,291.

    You'll notice at least 3-4 screw ups after I hit 28,000. *sigh*. I should have easily gotten 30,000+ before I even hit the EMP. My own fault.

    You can play the game here:

    Runnin' With The Devil by Van Halen
    Running Free by Iron Maiden