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WebLab: an open source software for open source intelligence - Gérard Dupont, Cassidian.Abstract : Information is power, thus search engines are key in many organizations. However knowledge workers are not standard users: their aims and needs are specific and often should not be shared with external providers - searching for information becomes intelligence. For these professionals, we proposed an integration platform made to facilitate the setup of intelligence solutions. Whether it concerns business or strategy - the platform can be adapted to any specific needs and domain allowing analysts to detect key information. However, making sense out of the large amount of unstructured content is a complex task. The Web is large and information is present in many forms. Complex techniques are necessary to discover the hidden structure of content and a single software provider cannot be expert on all them. Thus the integration platform comes as a perfect solution enabling the use of the best tools for each function. In this presentation we will present OSINT challenges and its growing importance. Then we will detail the WebLab approach to build flexible and scalable OSINT applications matching the fast-paced nature of OSINT. From semantic data models to upper architecture passing through selected technologies used, the presentation will do the complete tour of the WebLab project.

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