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    largeNickelodeon Floam Project #1-- How to Use Nickelodeon Floam


    by dm_50c20fb419273

    Check out this great tutorial on how to use Nickelodeon Floam. Floam is the incredible, reusable molding compound that will keep you creating for hours on end! Mold your own creations or transform almost anything into a Floam-covered masterpiece. Roll it, mold it, cover it - that's the way you Floam it.

    After you're done, squish Floam back into its container and use it again and again or let your creation harden overnight and keep it forever!

    Floam was invented and made almost 20 years ago. But that Floam is sooo two decades ago! Our Floam formulation is the best-molding, best-feeling, most friendly, easy-to-clean Floam ever made (and this comes straight from the world's premier Floam expert — the man who invented it all those years ago!).

    For more information about Floam, please visit