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    OW2con'12 Christophe Hamerling What's new with Petals ESB?


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    What's new with Petals ESB? - Christophe Hamerling, Linagora. Abstract : If you have missed the activity around Petals ESB these last months, then this session is for you. As a reminder, Petals ESB is an Enterprise Service Bus created in 2005 and hosted by OW2. Thanks to a service approach and the SOA paradigm, Petals aims at reducing the coupling between applications. Beyond the usual integration use case, Petals can be seen as a backbone infrastructure in information systems. This allows applications to focus on their business and reduces the complexity of informations systems thanks to a better modularization. One of the most notable aspect of Petals ESB is that it is distributed (several physical servers make a single virtual one). This alternative approach to clusters gives a lot of flexibility and allows several architecture solutions (geographical distribution, high availability, load balancing...). This presentation discusses the changes brought by the last versions. A focus is given to the tools that come with the platform, and how they cover various users and project stages (design, development, administration, platform monitoring, business monitoring). The presentation also introduces the upcoming features in Petals ESB and the use cases they will cover.