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OW2con'12 Monica Franceschini

il y a 5 ans40 views

SpagoBI and Big Data: next Open Source Information Management suite - Monica Franceschini, Engineering. Abstract : Organizations adopt Business Intelligence tools to analyze tons of data: nonetheless, several business leaders do not dispose of the information they actually need. This happens because the information management scenario is evolving. Various new contents are adding to structured information, supported by already known processes, tools and practices, including information coming from social computing. They will be managed by disparate processes, fragmented tools, new practices. This information will combine with various contents of enterprise systems: documents, transactional data, databases and data warehouses, images, audio, texts, videos. This huge amount of contents is named “big data”, even though it is not just related to a big amount of data. It refers to the capability of managing data that are growing along three dimensions - volume, velocity and variety - respecting the simplicity of the user interface. The speech describes SpagoBI approach to the “big data” scenario and presents SpagoBI suite roadmap, which is two-fold. It aims to address existing emerging analytical areas and domains, providing the suite with new capabilities - including big data and open data support, in-memory analysis, real time and mobile BI - and following a research path towards the realization of a new generation of SpagoBI suite.

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OW2con'12 Monica Franceschini
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