Future Devices Could Be Controlled Through Eye Movement

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Future devices could be controlled by the movement of the eye.

Touch screen devices are very popular these days, but what about technology that is controlled by your eye movement?

Eye controlled interface technology has been around for about 20 years.

In the past, mostly people with disabilities have utilized it, but now a research group focused on eye movement interaction is trying to bring the software to the mass market.

The Eye Tribe is the name of the newly formed company that is looking to make the technology more affordable and more usable.

To use the eye control system, an infrared light needs to be installed, which requires a filter on the camera of a touch screen smartphone or tablet to be changed. Touch screen technology has taken off since Apple introduced their first iPhone in 2007. The emerging new technologies promise to take that further and redefine how we will interact with our gadgets in future.

What do you think would be an interesting way to interface with your devices? Would you use an eye-controlled interface on your smartphone or tablet?