Prison Guards Accused of Forcing Inmates to Put Hot Sauce on Genitals

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Several prison guards have been accused of forcing inmates to put hot sauce on their genitals.

There's no shortage of prison horror stories. Now, several prisoners in North Carolina are claiming that guards forced them to do unimaginable acts.

Inmates at the Sampson Correctional Institution are accusing guards of making them rub hot sauce on their testicles causing intense pain and blisters. They were also allegedly told to throw bunnies into traffic, strip naked and kiss snakes.

The prisoners who carried out the acts were reportedly rewarded with food, cigarettes and beer. Inmates wrote a letter to the United States District Court in Greensboro and filed an internal grievance in the prison. Since then, one employee has gone on leave, while a second jail official has been reassigned.

Last year, another report of prison guards gone wild surfaced. Two former inmates at a prison in Maine accused two female corrections officers of intentionally tainting their food with pepper spray and mace.

They allegedly laughed when the prisoners became sick from the contaminated food. A jury trial had been scheduled, however both parties reached a confidential settlement before jurors could deliberate.