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    Man Pulled Over Has Traffic Sign Lodged in Head

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    by Geo Beats

    A man drives with a traffic sign lodged in his head.

    In a recent incredible report, an officer in St. Augustine, Florida pulled over a man who had part of a traffic sign stuck in his head.

    The driver, 63-year-old, Leslie Richard Newton had been driving his Camaro when he struck a sign. He apparently crossed a median and hit numerous plastic reflectors before connecting with the sign, which smashed through the roof of the vehicle.

    Newton continued moving for about a mile and a half before an officer pulled him over for driving erratically. He was transported to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries, but officials believe alcohol may have played a role in the incident.

    Thankfully no one else was injured.

    Earlier this year, there was another horrific driving occurrence.
    A pedestrian in California, 31-year-old, Philip Moreno was hit by an alleged drunk driver. The vehicle operator, 51-year-old Sherri Wilkins reportedly continued driving for more than two miles with Moreno on the windshield of her car. Several witnesses were reportedly able to get Wilkins to stop.
    Moreno was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital and Wilkins was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving and manslaughter.