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    Historic French Chateau Demolished Accidently

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    A beloved 18th century French chateau is accidentally demolished.

    Historic landmarks are carefully preserved all around the world.

    Understandably, residents in a French village are upset after a demolition crew accidentally bulldozed the area’s beloved 18th century Château.

    The 140,000 square foot, Chateau de Bellevue resided in a village in Bordeaux, set amongst beautiful vineyards. However, a construction crew was hired to knock down another smaller building on the same grounds.

    But something went drastically wrong, as the building they were supposed to demolish is still standing.A former owner of the chateau states “the whole village is in shock. How can this construction firm make such as mistake?"

    The current owner was said to be devastated when he came home to find his château completely demolished.

    He claims he will not press charges against the workers, but he vows to rebuild the Bellevue exactly as it used to be.

    He states “I gave my heart to this site after searching for a house in France for years. I will work with a Paris architect on the case.”