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    Floating Turbines Coming to Alaska

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Floating turbines are coming to Alaska.

    A new kind of floating wind turbine might be generating energy for people in Alaska in the near future.

    Compared to the iconic wind turbines, the new design is mounted inside of a helium balloon that floats up to 1 thousand feet in the air, with out a tower.

    Wind speeds at higher altitudes are faster and more consistent which will make the turbines produce more energy than the land towers.

    If the wind speed is doubled, the turbines will produce eight times more energy.

    Altaeros Energies in Boston received a 740 thousand dollar grant from the Alaskan government to try out the new wind turbine technology.

    Alaska’s remote location, low population and reduced air traffic make it the perfect place to test out the new technology.

    Another new development for wind turbine technology comes from General Electric, who is working with the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to change how the blades of a wind turbine are designed.

    Currently, GE makes the turbine blades from fiberglass, but the new design is fashioned from fabric that is wrapped around a frame.