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    Free iPad / iPhone / MacBook Pro. A scam? You be the Judge!

    Huá Tse Maïném

    by Huá Tse Maïném


    The link above takes you to FreebieJeebies, one of the very few genuine, well-established, no-nonsense affiliate sites on the net. FreebieJeebies' success is due to the simplicity of their approach: you bring people to their website, those people each take up 1 offer from an advertiser, you get a free gift of your choice. The more members you bring, the better the free gift - and you can have as many as you like.

    For reassurance, I have provided Channel 5's The Gadget Show's endorsement of Free bieJeebies as a legitimate online affiliate site, in the above video. (For those of you not from the UK, note that Channel 5 is the UK's fifth main network channel.)

    Start off by becoming a member: no fees, no forms to fill, and, as a policy of the site, *no* spam after you join. Accept a *single* offer from one of FJ's advertisers - some of these are free offers (e.g. a rewards card), some require a token payment (e.g. downloading a movie), etc. Advertisers are typically well-established brands and offers are processed via their official websites. (Note that many of them are UK companies so some of the offers will not apply to you if you live elsewhere, but there are plenty of offers, and new ones appear regularly. Membership is open to most countries.)

    Once you've accepted an advertiser's offer, start inviting people like yourself to join Free bieJeebies via your member's link; in fact, you can start collecting those referrals even before completing an offer.

    A little effort is required to acquire those referrals (there are only so many family members and friends you can sign up, especially if you're after the MacBook Pro), but you are amply rewarded with stuff like an iPod, iPad, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac Mini etc.

    Also, as mentioned, you can repeat the process as many times as you like and even ask for a cash payment instead. Try it as a part-time income-generating opportunity, if you want.

    Give it a go. You have nothing to lose, lots to gain.

    Good luck, and tell me how you get on.

    (I make no claim to ownership of any audio, photo or video material included in the above video presentation that was not specifically created by me. Ownership & copyrights reside with the relevant third parties.)

    Music: from "Computer World" by Kraftwerk. I do not own the rights to this.

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