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    Eduardo Bianco Tango-Orch.: Noche sin Estrellas, 1939


    przez grzegorz240252

    321 odsłon

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    Wow this is a superb tango indeed! One of the best I've ever heard. Perfect in any way it could be, divine orchestration, passionate and ideally performed. Thanks so much for sharing this gem.
    Przez kspm0220s3 lata temu
    Hello Grzegorz - you have most exquisite taste in Tangos and in women who love the Tango which has always been one of my most favorite kinds of music plus dancing. Its beauty is lasting. Thanks a million and wish you were here in Chicago where Tango is big in various top notch studios. Have a great weekend while me and my friends send you tons of Tango hugs!!!
    Przez tango37213 lata temu
    Ginny Karyn (gigi129)
    This is a wonderful tango!
    Przez Ginny Karyn (gigi129)3 lata temu