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    My Girl Is Stronger Than You

    California Strength

    by California Strength

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    The video you've all been waiting for - the sequel to You Lift Like A Girl!

    Featuring Nicole "Littlest" Lim and a multitude of Cal Strength's visiting trainees and regulars, these girls show that they can throw around some serious weights and look good doing it. There's nothing hotter than a girl that lifts weights, and these ones can Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and Squat with the best of them! Strong is sexy.


    Cecily Baques - Midtown Barbell
    Chioma Amaechi - Team USA/Hassle Free BBC
    Sandra Arechaederra - United Barbell
    Jessica Relei, Dana Tobacco, Helen Kim Langkilde, Rene Garcia - Crossfit Sweat Shop
    Becky Zachau - Crossfit San Leandro