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    Digestion Acupuncture Beverly Hills CA


    by fujimakiclinic165

    Click or call 323-656-9944 for more information.
    Welcome to the Yoko Fujimaki Clinic. Yoko Fujimaki was born and raised in Japan, but has called the US home for over 20 years. She is a licensed acupuncturist with a PhD in Eastern Medicine. Although she specializes in difficult cases, many patients see Yoko for her willingness to communicate with and include their medical doctors and health care specialists.
    Others appreciate the handmade custom herbal formulas, which are specifically unique to each patient’s health profile and screened for potential interactions with any other current medication, vitamins, or supplements. Yoko is passionate about continuing education beyond the degree delivery. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California.
    The Yoko Fujimaki Clinic offers exceptional acupuncture services for the Los Angeles County Area. Our patients receive a comprehensive health diagnosis, symptoms and causes of a disease or dysfunction are treated simultaneously, with a coordinated acupuncture and herbal plan to not only help patients feel better, but find long-lasting relief.
    Acupuncture for all ages, from infant to geriatric, utilizing sterile Japanese and Chinese needles. Electro acupuncture, or percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, can also be applied for increased efficacy.
    Herbal formulations made for the unique needs of each patient, handcrafted from the highest quality source materials. We also have an extensive collection of pre-made bottled herbs. Chakra Energy Therapy
    We are located at 1509 Crescent Heights Blvd, Suite 1 Los Angeles, CA Our Phone # is 323-656-9944. We serve West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Studio City.