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    Yes, Wonderous Stories/Colors Of The Rainbow live Glasgow - 1976-1977 2DVD set


    by TommyGun


    - Disc 1 - Going For The One Sessions, Mountain Studios in Montreux, Switzerland 1976:
    - Almost ALL annoying dropouts patched up with carefully placed edits. We think we pulled it off and you'll be happy to finally see a smooth viewing of this fantastic insight into the making of Going For The One album with almost no notice of the patches!
    - Disc 2
    Live in Glasgow, Scotland, November 8, 1977
    - Same deal in that almost all annoying dropouts were patched up but this time mostly with parts of another show from same tour in Boston 1977 enhanced with some audio filters to match original audio as much as possible and again we're confident we pulled it off with minimal interruption of what is truly a remarkable performance by Yes this night. The band is getting on well and it shows with the band in top form this particular evening.

    DVD 1 - Going For The One Sessions:
    1 - Jam Session
    2 - Awaken/Steve jam/Rick follies
    3 - Awaken #2
    4 - Turn of the Century
    5 - Guitar tech rehearsing Awaken
    6 - Tour Meeting
    7 - Parallels various takes
    8 - Positively 4th St/Knockin On Heaven's Door/Bye, Bye Love - Steve/Chris
    9 - Going For The One #1
    10 - Vevey - Jon/Rick
    11 - Alan/Chris jam session
    12 - Steve Howe jam session
    13 - Masquerade Improv
    14 - Wonderous Stories
    15 - Going For The One #2
    16 - Awaken #3
    17 - Parallels instrumental final take

    DVD 2:
    Live in Glasgow, Scotland, November 8, 1977 Going For The One Tour:
    - This footage also had a LOT of droputs that were patched up as much as possible so you can enjoy the concert as it was intended to be heard. We are happy with the results of this re-edit as well. Wonderous Stories was so messed up with dropouts it was not listenable so we had to completely replace the original altogether with a performance from Boston 1977 same tour. The rest of the concert is as is but now runs almost free of interruptions
    1 - Firebird Suite
    2 - Parallels
    3 - I've Seen All Good People
    4 - Close To The Edge
    5 - Wonderous Stories
    6 - Colours Of The Rainbow
    7 - Turn Of The Century
    8 - Tour Song (It's Good To Be In Scotland)
    9 - And You And I
    10 - Rick's Trick
    11 - Going For The One
    12 - Flight Jam
    13 - Awaken (cut off at end)

    We hope you enjoy these clips and if you do please by the original Going For The One Album at a store near you.