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    John Lloyd on Humor and Aphorisms


    John Lloyd on Humor and Aphorisms
    School of Advanced Study - Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London
    The World in a Phrase: Philosophy and the Aphorism featuring panelists James Geary, A.C. Grayling, and John Lloyd.The aphorism - a world of thought compacted into a single phrase - is the oldest written form of literature on the planet. The aphorism is also the oldest form of philosophical writing, dating back to the earliest moral and cosmological musings of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese. Yet there remains no manner of thinking better suited to contemporary times - and this one-day symposium will explore why.Poets, professors, artists, philosophers, psychologists and comedians (and aphorists!) from Europe and the U.S. will gather to discuss and celebrate the aphorism as a privileged vehicle for grappling with the deepest questions facing our world - and will show how the aphorism is just the ticket if you are tired of ideologies but haven't given up on truth - Institute of Philosophy