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    Ani DiFranco on Her Retrospective



    Ani DiFranco on Her Retrospective
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    With artistic integrity and a sincere connection to her audience, Ani DiFranco has become one of music's most prolific performers by sheer force of will. A pioneer in the independent label movement, DiFranco founded her own record company Righteous Babe Records in 1989 at the age of eighteen.By that time the singer/songwriter was already a seasoned troubadour whose live performances established her distinctive style: rapid fingerpicking, alternate tunings, and emotive lyrics that boldly confront contemporary social and political issues. Righteous Babe has issued all twenty-one of DiFranco's full-length studio albums, including the live recording Living in Clip and the recent Reprieve.Her career retrospective Canon contains three-dozen songs from DiFranco's expansive catalog, spanning the years 1990-2006. In Fall 2007, Righteous Babe Records and Seven Stories Press published Ani DiFranco: Verses, a collection of original poetry and paintings - City Arts & Lectures