Blood.Dolphins.Season 1 Episode 1

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door Ron

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This show follows the activist Richard O'Barry (featured in the documentary The Cove) and his son on their quest to save dolphins

This first episode takes place in Taiji Japan, as Ric and his son bring cameras to document the brutal dolphin hunt that has become both a traditional and profitable aspect of the regional culture. Well known to the local authorities, the two men try to work as covertly as a bunch of white men with a camera crew can in rural Japan (I mean come on, who are you fooling?) The show reminds me of Whale Wars, both are about men taking extreme measures on a life's mission to save an endangered species. While not as edge-of-your-seat exciting as Whale Wars, Blood Dolphins is a great show, very moving. Before watching the first episode I would suggest you take a peek at "The Cove", a heartbreaking film about the dolphin hunt in Taiji.


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