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    OW2con'12 Fabien Herminier & Jean-Marc Menaud


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    BtrPlace: An Extensible VM manager to face up to SLA expectations in a cloud - Fabien Hermenier, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and Jean-Marc Menaud, Ecoles des Mines de Nantes. Abstract: Clients of IaaS providers are looking for dependable infrastructures that can cope with their SLA requirements. To stay attractive, a cloud must then rely on a VM placement algorithm with features matching as possible the SLAs expectations. These constraints are however very specific to each of the tenants but also the infrastructure. They also cover a large range of concerns (reliability, performance, security, energy-efficiency, ...) that are continuously evolving according to new trends and new technologies. Current VM placement algorithms are designed as monolithic systems. Clouds administrators and clients are then passive actors, waiting for the future release of the placement algorithm that may match their current expectations. During this presentation, we will present BtrPlace, an open source VM manager that can be specialized on demand by third party developers to integrate new placement constraints. BtrPlace has already been used successfully to address high-availability, security but also energy-efficiency concerns. It has been developped since 2006 in the Mines de Nantes then with the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. It is now a part of the OpenCloudware project that aims at building an open platform for the development and the deploymet of distributed application on clouds.