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    McInnes Remembers His Olympic Night on a Yacht



    McInnes Remembers His Olympic Night on a Yacht
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Dymocks Literary Lunches
    William McInnes is probably best known to most of us as Nick in "Blue Heelers", or perhaps Max in "SeaChange". But he's also a prolific author, most recently of a book called "That'd Be Right".Here, at a Dymock's Literary Lunch he's in conversation with Susan Wyndham, Literary Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald. And he's fabulously entertaining discussing the themes of his book: family, sport and politics.William McInnes became a popular writer with his memoir A Man's Got to Have a Hobby and his novel Cricket Kings. But with this latest book, William recounts his Queensland childhood, in a close but strictly Labor-voting family. One particularly endearing story he tells is of his mother, after a couple of drinks, ashamedly admitting that she'd once voted Democrat in the Upper House! - Dymocks