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Happily Divorced: Gifts, cakes & rings help quench pain of broken-hearted

7 years ago65 views

A marriage break-up does not look like a good cause for celebration. Except in the US, where more and more people are far from sorry at having to wave goodbye to wedlock. When divorce happens, they choose to party rather than to cry. In an age when half of all marriages in the US end in divorce, there is a whole new trend: celebrating the break-up. Where there is demand there is supply. On the market there are party planners, divorce gifts, all sorts of related merchandise, from clothes to kitchenware, and even divorce cakes. When you look at all this abundance you start to doubt whether a break-up is actually a bad thing. "Back in the day, divorce was looked upon as a negative thing and nowadays divorce, because there are so many of them for many different reasons, has more of a positive twist," said Beth Price of "Divorce Shower" store. Although in reality divorce is hardly a positive trend, some Americans are making the most of it. Celebration agencies are now adding divorce ceremonies to their menu, almost like a wedding. There are even special divorce rings for those who need more symbolism. According to divorcee Joann Lane, such symbolism really helps people experiencing divorce "come to terms with transition." Symbolism does help get over some transitions to make changes. However for some, symbols are not enough and more practical help is needed to get over a separation. You might ask what a good workout, or a delicious cupcake, or a make-up artist, have to do with divorce. There is one person who combined it all and more in her relief program for the heartbroken. Six months ago, Lyss Stern started hosting regular Life After Divorce events to empower women after their separations. She offers the help of a host of experts: a matchmaker, a nutritionist, a yoga instructor, a psychic, a make-up artist, and a life coach to name just a few. According to Lyss, her events help women feel better. "They are getting cupcakes, they are getting champagne, their make-up done, they are getting a matchmaker, they can talk to a psychic- they are really getting so much for the $40 dollars they pay to come to this event," she said. Many behind the burgeoning divorce business in the US say being positive sells. It surely does, as more and more newly-single Americans strive to reinvent themselves and bury their past.
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