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    NYC's Mile End Challenges Jewish Deli Nostalgia



    NYC's Mile End Challenges Jewish Deli Nostalgia
    Saul's Restaurant and Deli - Saul's Restaurant and Deli
    The beloved institutions of Jewish Deli continues to disappear. But a few brave delis are breaking up canons of the dying model. Saul's Restaurant and Deli in Berkeley is convening these renegades for a Deli Summit. Four very different models.

    Saul's owners Karen Adelman and Peter Levitt believe they and their colleagues will benefit from collaboration on a common language. In a culinary genre defined by rigid expectations (yet varied depending on customer), comparison and critique, these delis trailblazing the deli lexicon can gradually give each other points of reference and authority.

    What do these departures from the Deli Institution look like on the menu, the plate, in the dining room? What does it mean to thrive as a deli business? This is what the Summit is for: to communicate the mechanics of survival and sustainability to Deli customers around the country, and to celebrate the unique challenges and thrills of running a Jewish Deli.

    This is a follow-up to Saul's Referendum on the Jewish Deli Menu. Now with the other delis, Saul's will talk nuts and bolts of their industry.

    It's a behind the scenes, chefs-in-the-trenches conversation open to the public.