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    What If Your Data Could Excuse You from Airport Security?



    What If Your Data Could Excuse You from Airport Security?
    swissnex San Francisco - swissnex
    swissnex San Francisco and the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) continue their joint program of events around Think Art – Act Science with an interdisciplinary look at contemporary global mobility through one of its main veins -- airports.

    The theme is explored through psychology, sociology, architecture, and design by artist Monika Codourey, whose work is featured in the Think Art - Act Science exhibition, SFAI’s Hou Hanru, and IDEO’s Gretchen Wustrack, who presents the Palo Alto-based design firm’s "TSA Checkpoint Evolution" project.

    Codourey’s work in Think Art – Act Science examines the emergence of practices that influence patterns of movement within transportation systems, such as surveillance, social sorting, biometric authentication, etc. Her interactive online project Mobile Identities is part of a scientifically inspired investigation to assess the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral states of air travelers. And her research slideshow, Constant Traveler Syndrome, as well as video essay, Airport Transportation Condition, elaborate on Codourey's empirical data and reflect upon the spatiality of the airport environment and emotional interactions with it.