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    T.C. Boyle: Incorporating Environmentalism in Art


    T.C. Boyle: Incorporating Environmentalism in Art
    Commonwealth Club - SF Club Office
    Prolific and renowned author T. Coraghessan Boyle has written 22 novels, many of which probe the relationship between contemporary human civilization and the natural world. His latest work, When the Killing’s Done, adopts as its setting California’s geographically isolated Channel Islands and gives a harrowing fictional account of the battle that ensues when two ideologically opposed environmentalists disagree over the fate of the islands’ species.Much like Boyle’s previous novels, including the best-selling The Tortilla Curtain and The Women, this new book combines suspenseful narrative and strong characterization with provocative questions about our role in, and responsibility to, the world in which we live. Come hear Boyle share his thoughts on the making and implications of this powerful book."