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ATRACT019 - Romulus - Ambre - E.T (Original Mix)

il y a 5 ans143 views

Available on Beatport (december 2012):

ATRACT019 - Romulus - Ambre
01 - The Cave (Original Mix)
02 - Bad Day (Original Mix)
03 - Bad Day (Micrologue Remix)
04 - Ambre (Original Mix)
05 - Ambre (10dens Remix)
06 - E.T (Original Mix - Free Track)


© A-Traction Records 2001-2012

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Melodic Techno producer, Romulus releases his first EP on A-Traction.
A very personal EP with some dancefloors tracks and some others full of emotion and warmth.
The Dutch duo 10dens delivers a strong remix of 'Ambre' coming from the heart.
Micrologue, as for him, transforms 'Bad Day' and offers a minimal and dark remix where the melody becomes hypnotic. - LineSession : (Re)Discover the finest Indie Music Selection. Line Session is your channel for all the indie, electro music, where you can experience music, in high audio quality. Subscribe to stay connected to our channel and receive all of our video updates! - Line Session : http://www.dailymotion.com/linesession http://www.facebook.com/linesession