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    Frank Deford: 'The NCAA Cartel Is On Its Last Legs'



    Frank Deford: 'The NCAA Cartel Is On Its Last Legs'
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    Sports Illustrated contributor Frank Deford discusses his life as a sportswriter. Frank Deford’s expansive career as a chronicler of American culture has included over 50 years of work as an award-winning writer for Sports Illustrated. In addition to his time spent as a sportswriter, his accomplishments have included longtime positions as a regular commentator for National Public Radio and a correspondent for HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Deford has authored 18 books spanning the genres of fiction, nonfiction and memoir, two of which have been made into screenplays. Now Deford provides a heterodox, entertaining and often poignant account of his, and ultimately America’s,  experiences of sports journalism, from his post-Princeton jaunts in the 1960s, to his days at the Police Gazette and ESPN, to his work as a sportswriter today."