Robert Swan on Climate Change at the North Pole



Robert Swan on Climate Change at the North Pole
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The Sustainable Leader with Robert Swan, explorer and environmental leader.Antarctica, for years, was thought to be largely impervious to the effects of climate change. Yet the collapse of the Larsen-B ice shelf in 2003 and the melting of a mass of ice the size of California two years later were attributed to an increase in temperature.Polar explorer and environmental leader Robert Swan is the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles. He has dedicated his life to promote recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat global warming, and to the preservation of Antarctica.He will recount his epic journeys to the North and South Poles and outline his passion to motivate, engage and educate industry, business and youth on environmental protection. He will also give a first hand account of his experiences living for a month in Antarctica, two weeks of which he is living solely off renewable energy, just before coming to Hong Kong - Asia Society