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    Dr. Pedro Miro on Europe's Gas Supply Security and Safety



    Dr. Pedro Miro on Europe's Gas Supply Security and Safety
    World Petroleum Congress - World Petroleum Congress
    A variety of factors, including enhanced availability, regional distribution, pricing and environmental concerns have led to increased global trade in natural gas.LNG and pipeline have driven nations and companies to tie up capacity in ship building and sign-up contracts across boundaries for erection of transnational pipelines.A full discussion on transportation of gas requires perspectives on additional capacity creation in the carriers and large fund commitment on one hand, and contractual, legal and technical aspects of the two principal modes of transportation on the other.The comfort of the lending institutions, E&P companies, and a well developed international contractual regime to address all concerns is essential to monetize gas reservoirs and meet the demand for energy.In this session successful case histories for the two main gas transportation modes, LNG and pipeline, will be discussed to illustrate how gas transportation challenges have been dealt with - World Petroleum Congress