Vieille folle alcoolique et raciste dans le métro


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Je l'aime beaucoup !!!
Par LeBrebis Galleux L'année dernière
Mamie trole est sur FaceBook :
Par Mamie Trole L'année dernière
It is necessary to be more than idiot " that to believe in all these religions when we know that we are similar with the same symptoms. " The lie first and foremost " generally the human being he(it) well can unless there is a lure of gain and interests which that contains. And it is capable of destroying you in the slightest resistance. He can steal you, swindle you, and even murder you and run(roam) to warn(prevent) the police that you assaulted him(it). That is called of the self-defense. And there the Lord understood that these people, are not so innocent as that they are all liars in power. Capable of fooling him(it)
Par Farid boukhlifa Il y a 2 ans
on voit bien que cette dame est malade (genre schizophrène) et alcoolique donc ne pas tenir compte de son comportement et de ses dires.
Par Isabelle Rio Il y a 2 ans
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Par Clovis Reuss Il y a 2 ans
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