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    Susan Anderson on How Portland Went Green


    Susan Anderson on How Portland Went Green
    The New School - The New School
    Growing populations, a changing climate, rising oil prices, diminishing fuel reserves: These are realities confronting America’s cities.While political leaders debate the development of alternative energy sources, most experts agree that energy efficiency is fundamental to the urban future.Can cities combat global warming and the high cost of energy with a less wasteful infrastructure and other strategies? What will it take for cities to become more efficient—and what reforms are beyond the powers of local government?A panel discussion was also held. The panelists are Susan Anderson, director of Sustainable Development, City of Portland, Oregon; Kenny Esser, Policy Advisor, Office of New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine; Jim Gallagher, senior vice president for Energy Policy, New York City Economic Development Corporation; Ashok Gupta, Air and Energy Program director, Natural Resources Defense Council; Department of Environmental Protection, State of New Jersey; and Max Schulz, senior fellow, Manhattan Institute Center for Energy Policy and the Environment - The New School