Leghorn Swoggled (1951)


by andythebeagle

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Little Henery the Chicken Hawk wants to trap Foghorn Leghorn for his dinner, and the barnyard dog says he will help Henery to catch Foghorn on one condition - that Henery find him a bone. Henery's effort to find the dog a bone involves obtaining cheese for a mouse and a fish for a cat, with Foghorn's help! Once the dog is given his bone, he uses it to knock Foghorn out so that Foghorn can be carried away by Henery on a toy train.

This is one of the funnier Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, who seems to come across as annoying in some of his later shots. Henry Hawk wants nothing more than to catch a chicken, and Barnyard Dog has agreed to help... if Henry will get him a bone. Henry then stumbles across a cat who says that he can find him a bone... for a fish. He then sees a small mouse, who agrees to get him a fish... for a piece of cheese! Well, if you want a little, give a little (or a lot in this case!). Foghorn follows Hawky, watches him distribute the goods, but wonders why he didn't get anything. He comes up to Hawky and Barnyard Dog, who just got his bone, and asks for his present. "I've got something coming to me, and I want it right now!" Well, Foghorn gets what's coming towards him alright, as Barnyard hits him upside the head with the bone and hands Henry Hawk the chicken he promised him!

Everything really falls into play as Henry gets what he wants, proving in a rather comical sense that one good turn always deserves another!

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That's where were at today you getnme a bone I'll get you a chicken and once some one doesn't deliver its curtians for them and fam I love it it shows my generation wasn't perfect but it had morals catrin
By markboucher1 September