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    Strong Sectors of the Scottish Economy



    Strong Sectors of the Scottish Economy
    The Harvard Center for European Studies - Harvard Center for European Studies
    Free to Prosper: Creating the Celtic Lion Economy with discussant First Minister Alex Salmond.First Minister Alex Salmond will outline his ambitions for a Celtic Lion economy to emerge in Scotland as he addresses Harvard University's Center for European Studies and Harvard Business School.Mr. Salmond will set out his vision to transform Scotland's recent economic performance and replicate the success of Ireland's Celtic Tiger. Highlighting the success of Europe's smaller countries - which have dramatically outperformed their larger neighbors - Mr. Salmond's message will be delivered on the eve of a business tax cut that will see Scotland become even more competitive.His speech at Harvard opens a week of travels by Mr. Salmond and his ministers across the United States and Canada that will underscore that Scotland is open for business and flourishing, and that an independent Scotland could well be the next European economic miracle - Center for European Studies