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    Robert Frank - Aristokids: Children of the Super Rich



    Robert Frank - Aristokids: Children of the Super Rich
    The Century Foundation - The Century Foundation
    This year Forbes magazine listed 1,125 billionaires in the world, compared to 946 in 2007 and a measly 140 billionaires in 1986, the first year of the publication's ranking. Clearly, the ranks of the billionaire class have swelled.In June, The Century Foundation hosted a three-day conference for business journalists on "Billionaires and Their Impact" as a session of the 2008 New York Times Journalism Institute, which seeks to inform and enlighten prominent journalists on important and under-reported issues.Envy Economy asks "What's it like being super-rich today? How do the merely millionaires feel in a billionaire society? What sort of personal costs and personal motivations accompany making it big in the new Gilded Age?" - The Century Foundation