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    Can Tax Hikes Alone Fund Health Care Reform?



    Can Tax Hikes Alone Fund Health Care Reform?
    Hudson Institute - Hudson Institute
    What are the fiscal risks of health care reform? What can be done to minimize the strain on the federal budget from increasing health care costs? New subsidies for health insurance can only exacerbate the budgetary shortfalls. Hudson Visiting Fellow Hanns Kuttner has prepared a new paper that assesses the long-term fiscal risk from health care reform and the tools available for managing that risk.Joining Kuttner to discuss his paper -- and other questions on health care reform -- were James C. Capretta, Fellow in the Economics and Ethics Program of the Ethics and Public Policy Center; Alice M. Rivlin, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Studies, Economic Studies and Greater Washington Research at the Brookings Institution; C. Eugene Steuerle, Vice President of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation; and Paul Van de Water, Senior Fellow, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.