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Metallica - Enter Sandman (austerity video)

há 5 anos212 views

This is a video about a very small sample of the consequences of political austerity that is happening mostly in Greece, Spain, Portugal (and even Ireland I think). But it is starting to happening in other places from Italy to France and others countries that are starting to take the same politics that we took 2 years ago and led to where we are. Be warned if you let the banks and markets run your politics they will ruin your life!

This as been made with linux/Ubuntu and kdenlive (really nice IMO) , my first video editing on those and on a pc that isnt really up to the task, so there are some small mistakes in the edit and a big one as the video has meant to be in HD but I didn't make it at the beginning and it would take to much time and cpu to re-edit it, maybe later.

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Metallica - Enter Sandman (austerity video)
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