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    Charles Ferguson: A Proposal to Reform Wall Street



    Charles Ferguson: A Proposal to Reform Wall Street
    Commonwealth Club - The Commonwealth Club
    Charles Ferguson, Documentary Filmmaker, "Inside Job" and "No End in Sight"

    Adam Lashinsky, Senior Editor at Large, Fortune magazine - Moderator

    Could the global economic meltdown of the last few years have been prevented? Academy award-nominated filmmaker Ferguson believes that the crisis was no accident. His latest documentary, "Inside Job," makes the powerful case that an out-of-control finance industry took advantage of a deregulated atmosphere and purposely sought to get rich at the expense of others.

    Through extensive interviews with financial insiders and government officials, Ferguson crossed the globe to find proof that the financial industry intentionally engaged in unethical behavior. His gripping account of the global recession is sure to evoke feelings of disgust, anger, and concern that this all may happen again unless our regulatory system is changed.

    Ferguson's previous film, "No End in Sight," was nominated for an Oscar. "Inside Job" is already being touted as an early favorite to win this year's award for Best Documentary (Feature).