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    Smaller Brands: How to Compete in the Digital Space


    by FORA TV

    Smaller Brands: How to Compete in the Digital Space
    L2 - The Morgan Library
    Module 3

    Gabe Zeichermann, Gamification.Co

    The New, New Thing
    Moderator: Rachel Shechtman, Cube Ventures
    Catherine Levene, Co-Founder/CEO, ArtSpace
    Joel Weingarten, CEO and Founder, StyleOwner
    Tamás Locher, CEO of
    Gave Gilboa, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Warby Parker

    Brand & Retailer: Who's the Victim, Who's the Mugger
    Sonia Marciano, NYU Stern

    Flashes of Genius
    Moderator: Scott Galloway, L2
    Melisa Goldie, SVP, Calvin Klein
    Marc Speichert, L'Oreal
    Charles Gibb, Belvedere
    David Duplantis, Coach

    The Myth of Common Sense: Why Everything That Seems Obvious Isn't
    Duncan Watts, Principal Research Scientist, Yahoo! Research

    In the Company of Digital IQ (Genius)
    Maureen Mullen, L2

    The Science of Kissing
    Sheril Kirshenbaum, Biologist, Author of The Science of Kissing

    Wrap Up
    Scott Galloway, L2

    Suzel Buon Di, duet from Amico Fritz (Pietro Mascagni)
    David Smolokoff, tenor
    Nicolette Mavroleon, soprano