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    Is Kenya the World's Next Innovation Destination?



    Is Kenya the World's Next Innovation Destination?
    Louise Blouin Foundation - The Metropolitan Club
    Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, co-founders of PayPal, have recently argued that the pace of innovation within Silicon Valley is “between dire straits and dead.” They argue that current forms of digital innovation are only solving small problems, instead of setting their sights on larger transformational issues impacting humanity. However, with 44 technology IPOs in 2011 and 30 to date in 2012, investors have shown a belief that innovation is, in fact, not dead. If innovation is indeed alive, and there is sufficient capital able to facilitate the development of new projects, proposals and companies, what else then must be done to enable transformational breakthroughs? What innovations are coming from our greater understanding of social networks, hard science developments, or new communication platforms? Importantly, how can corporations and organizations change their culture in order to become more innovative and respond to a rapidly changing social, technological and economic landscape?