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    The Facebook Talent Pool: Social Media for Job Recruiter



    The Facebook Talent Pool: Social Media for Job Recruiter
    Ventana Research - The Tech Museum
    Mark Smith, CEO & Chief Research Officer, Ventana Research
    The workforce revolution and the desire to optimize the value of the entire employee base has driven a need for a new technological foundation in talent management. For decades, HR applications have been seen as a necessity. Today these applications are evolving into progressive, collaborative technologies that enable the entire workforce - a 'power to the people' of sorts, leaping ahead to meet the human capital management and overall business mission. At the same time, marketing the brand of a company to hire, engage and retain talent requires the use of social collaboration and social media. These new communication channels are changing how organizations operate along with how managers and marketing help build a desirable business brand. This dynamic transition has introduced dozens of new concepts and technologies help companies stay connected. This session will provide a foundation for practical and research-based perspective to guide 2013 and the future of how workers and managers will operate.