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    A New IT Generation Breaking Through the Gray Ceiling



    A New IT Generation Breaking Through the Gray Ceiling
    Ventana Research - The Tech Museum
    Robert Kugel, CFA, SVP & Research Director, Business Practice, Ventana Research
    Can finance and sales work together in a collaborative manner to achieve a common goal of revenue growth and efficiency? Unfortunately, scattered information, separate systems and spreadsheets impede this opportunity. Change is on the horizon. The use of cloud computing and mobile technology can help to create cross-functional teams to improve the bottom line. New shared applications can dramatically enhance operations through a unified planning and analytics. When companies see the benefits of maturing sales and financial processes through new cloud computing applications and technology, they see the opportunity to act swiftly as well. Learn how innovative companies can move beyond slow quarterly perspectives to an agile enterprise that operates anywhere at anytime. Practice research and experience come together with the future of finance and sales in this session with exclusive insight to research agenda for 2013.