“Protect the ocean and you protect yourself.”

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door Ron

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“Protect the ocean and you protect yourself.”

We really need to take care of Planet Earth, and Planet Earth is being put under a lot of pressure by our mismanagement. Anybody who has the understanding will adapt and change. [But] how can you protect what you don’t understand? I think education is critical because that’s when the future decision makers are acquiring the information which will allow them to make better decisions when they become adults.

The ocean is now in a state whereby we know that, because we have accelerated the normal process of evolution, which has happened with warming and cooling off. The ice of the Arctic, of Iceland, of the Antarctic, of the glaciers all over the planet are melting away. I just went to a glacier which is melting six hundred feet a year. Six hundred feet.

The ocean level is rising, and it’s rising in different places at different speeds and different heights. But the one certain thing is that hundreds of millions of people throughout the planet are going to have to move. They are going to have to move, and the question is where. And where’s the infrastructure which will allow those people to go to other places and have a decent life? The consequences are economically dramatic—we’re talking about billions of dollars—because of the infrastructure, because of the construction of new airports and on and on and on.

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