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ScalAgent DT unveils JoramMQ Entreprise, tools and services for the JORAM user - Serge Lacourte, ScalAgent
Abtract: JORAM is a Message Oriented Middleware distributed under LGPL licensing on ow2.org. JORAM has achieved industrial grade quality over the last 10 years. Designed initially to implement the JMS standard, it is steadilyevolving. Conformance to the new AMQP 1.0 standard is planned for the next months.
In order to facilitate the development and exploitation of JORAM applications, ScalAgent DT launches JoramMQ Entreprise. JoramMQ includes the standard version of JORAM, and complements it with tools and SaaS services. It targets all steps in the lifecyle of the JORAM application. With JoramMQ, JORAM users will better prepare and design their MOM project, gain valuable time in developing an debugging code, get useful monitoring of their running system, and better organize for scaling.

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