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Be-Bound - Official Launch Video

il y a 5 ans141 views



Be-Bound, the very first solution to stay connected to the mobile Web everywhere and at a lower cost.

Be-Bound allow users to connect to the Internet everywhere in the world without cellular data (3G or Edge) nor Wifi via the 2G network which covers 86% of the globe. If you can call from where you are, then you will be connected to the Internet. With Be-Bound, switch off the 3G data abroad and stay connected to the Internet without going broke.

This new application will certainly mark the minds of mobile users. Why ?
- Because it guarantees to the user a web access via their smartphone anywhere, and at a lower cost, while only 14% of the earth's surface is covered by 3G or Wi-Fi,
- Because it offers a truly innovative product / service benefit,
- Because it is as simple as a click : the user downloads the free application Be-Bound (first available on Google Play) and then buys credits used to connect to the Internet, thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises related to an expensive bill.

Today, nearly 92% of the billion passengers turn off theirs phones when crossing the border. Imagine trekking or visiting a site of exception at the other end of the world. You want to share this experience with your friends ... But no 3G !

Thanks to Be-Bound you can do your research on the web, read and respond to emails or share your information with your communities instantly and affordably.

The organizers of LeWeb Paris 2012 have selected Altheia to be part of the 16 finalists for the Startup Competition which will reward the best projects.

Official website : http://www.be-bound.com

Follow Be-Bound on Twitter : http://twitter.com/BeBoundOfficial
Be-Bound on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/BeBound


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